Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Technical Services Unit SMK N 1 Wonosari

In academic Year 2008/2009, the head of administration of SMK N 1 Wonosari is Mr. Suprapto, who coordinates the entire managerial works. The managerial works in SMK N 1 Wonosari include (1) Assisting the headmaster for administrative activities relates to the learning teaching process, (2) Handling all afficial matters which cover both teachers and staffs duties, (3) Assisting the head of administration in managing the financial affair, (4) Assisting the head of administration in managing the equipment/logistics, (5) Managing data, score and credential students, (6) Keeping documents, mails and correspondence, (7) Assisting maintaining and repairing tools to support learning teaching process, (8) Keeping, maintaining and guaranting all school facilities.

The managerial works above are carried out by 22 staffs consist of 13 government officers and 10 non government officers. They are working under the Decree from The Head of SMK N 1 Wonosari, number : 800/857/2008, dated 14th July 2008.

Managerial wokers have clear role and function. The administration staffs role as administrators, and personal and social servants. The additional roles of the administration staffs as a collectors, reporters, programmers, duplicators, files keepers, communicator, technicians, expeditors, publick servants. The Head of Administration roles as an administrator, personal and social servants, and manager. The additional roles of the Head of Administration as: planner, organizator, motivator, coordinator, delegator, problem solver, decision maker, and evaluator.
The function of administration staffs is a “TOTAL SERVICE”. The dimensions of “TOTAL SERVICE” are real, reliability, responsiveness, competence, courtesy, credibility, security, access, communication, dan understanding.

Administration activities of SMK N 1 Wonosari is a whole process of work carried out to achieve the goals of SMK N 1 Wonosari with conceptual framework and structure of the interrelated. In other words the goals of SMK N 1 Wonosari can not be optimally realized without the implementation of good administration.

Keep Spirit administrative staffs of SMK N 1 Wonosari !

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